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#24 Adam Leventhal

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs
Worst injuries: broken hand (Ultimate), impaled leg on a cast iron fence (non-Ultimate)
Years with Mischief: 2009-present
Adam Leventhal cannot be described. One can only infer small amounts of information about him through the infrequent interviews he grants. This excerpt from an interview with G4 hostess, Morgan Webb, is especially illuminating.

Webb: So, Adam, I've read a great deal about you for this interview. I'm especially impressed with your multi-variate calculus skills and the postal applications you've discovered for them.
Adam: I'm sorry, who are you?
Webb: Hahaha, you're so funny.
Adam: No, seriously, who the F are you. Go Red Sox.
Webb: I'm your interviewer, we arranged this interview?
Adam: Whatever. What do you want?
Webb: Well, I'd like to chat; you know, to help our viewers understand what makes you tick.
Adam: I thought that we had agreed that you would send me these questions before the interview so that I could prepare.
Webb: I don't remember saying that.
Adam: Exactly.

(24 second silence)

Adam: Yeah. I know calculus. Everybody should know it. Am I coming off solipsistic? I'm really not.
Webb: No! No. To the contrary, you're quite pleasant.
Adam: Two things. First, you and I need to get together. Second, this interview has been run horribly. Go Red Sox.

What can be learned from this exchange? At best, we can say that Adam knows calculus, likes the Red Sox, and tried to get with Morgan Webb. Maybe that's enough.