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photo: Shirley Wu

#20 Andy Crews

Height: 5'8"
Years with Mischief: 2007-2008
You may think he's "been around for a while," but that's just because he always wins. Sure, it may take a mere mortal two lifetimes to earn as many medals as Andy, but he did it in a short 15 years. Andy is several hundred years old. It is rumored that he is actually a cyborg fueled by biodiesel.

Some people claim that Andy Crews invented Ultimate Frisbee. That's preposterous. Frank Huguenard invented Ultimate (and all the throws associated with the sport). Andy invented the frisbee. He carved it out of a mammoth's tusk after killing it with his bare hands. Even this only begins to explain his uncanny ability to make a disc do whatever he wants. If he had any more control, his discs would do his laundry and iron his shirts.

A little known fact is that Andy only eats humanely raised meat. This, of course, includes the chickens he raises in his backyard, but not his opponents. Andy abuses the shit out of his opponents and would never eat their dead and shamed carcasses.