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#77 Beth Liebert

Height: 5'10 1/4"
Weight: depends on how much free food she gets that week
Nicknames: Wingspan, Bethel
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Favorite tournament food: won ton soup
Roshambo: just throw it and let fate do the rest
Quote: "Baby Jesus!"
Years with Mischief: 2005-2007
What do you get when you combine throws as solid as Namibian rhino dung, break-marks as sharp as stinging nettles on a toddler's bare bum, zone O handler flow as smooth as stripping down in a bubbling hot tub, hucks as tasty as a spread of spam in Hawai'i, and creative talent as bright as the dimpled smile she'll flash after D-ing you in the end zone? Plus a healthy dose of wanderlust and really tall parents? You get Beth Leilani Liebert. Just what made Beth such a formidable competitor? Did the despair of being devoid of underwear in Dallas give her the never-say-die attitude on the field? Did the challenge of financing the feeding of 52 starving college students who are experiencing transitions, chew gum, and have ideas one.. $50.. interview.. at.. a.. time beget her patient, steady O? Did the distance traversed across the Mongolian desert on camelback inspire the occasional huck deep? And just when you think she's an O player, watch out for that blow-by D the instant you hesitate. No one knows for sure where Beth gets her inspiration. But one thing is certain: Whether you witness the groove in her heart, on the dance floor (check out that body roll), or on the Ultimate field, Beth's skills are sure to impress.

Worst injury: I was three years old, naked, and splashing around in the plastic kiddie pool out on the deck of our Colorado cabin. I then take a break and sit on top of the railing, lose my balance and fall backwards (still naked) into a giant patch of stinging nettles. Ever since, I make sure my public nudity is limited to roshaming and stupid bets involving ping pong or foosball.