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# Brian Greenough
Years with Mischief: 2006-2007
A member of the infamous Greenough mafia family of San Mateo, Brian was unable to participate fully in the Mischief experience in 2006 due to his incarceration at San Quentin for tax evasion and what might be delicately framed as "acts committed in defense of the family honor". Brian's play on the ultimate field could be characterized similarly, as he plays defense like a snake on a motherf**king plane, and is known for evading the wiliest of federal investigators, uh -- that is, defenders, while playing offense. His only weak spot is the long-standing contract called out on him by Josh "Sonny Boy" Greenough in the 5th grade - as long as Brian respects his mother, stays loyal to the family, and does not school Josh on the ultimate field, he is allowed to live.

In other news, a hotly anticipated face-off between the Greenough mafia and the Smith clan determined that while the Smiths have superior kabbidi and baby-talk skills, the Greenough brothers win hands-down in the facial hair category.