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#22 Brynne Speizer

Height: 5'6"
Weight: see nickname
Nickname: Big Booty
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Favorite tournament food: Dried mangos
Quote: "I feel it in my heart."
Years with Mischief: 2003-2007
As one of the founding core of Mischief, Brynne Speizer has always been looking for ways to help the less fortunate and needy. Her compassion has helped keep this ragtag group of misfits and hooligans off the streets and on the field for the past 3 years. This giving, loving personality is what drew her to Wellsley, an all women's school in the heart of New England. They quickly began the brainwashing to instill a love for the Boston Red Sox, non profit organizations, and tree hugging. After graduation, she began the next phase of the brainwashing by joining a communist cult, where she is working hard to save the world. If you are interested in her internal cult activities, have no fear because she takes it all to the field bringing the love that you can only get from an all women's school in the form of group stretching and feeling circles.

But don't be fooled by this touchy feely exterior, like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Brynne holds a cackling evil side to her that is a force to be reckoned with on the field. When she isn't throwing the game winning goal to go to nationals, Brynne brings the sick D and super chilly O that only can be seen in an experienced handler. Not only does she bring the game on the field, she brings the party as only a nudist commie bastard can. In an effort to spread the collective, she slowly pushes her communist pods and organic food like a wave of red. As she shares her communal dinner with you, you can consult her for any pressing moral decisions, just be aware that a decisive answer could be 3 years in the making. It isn't her fault she is so conflicted, she is still trying to decide what to have for lunch three weeks ago. Just be ready that when she does decide to make it happen; she'll sky hook over you, power through you and box you out with the power that is her big booty.

Worst injury: Witnessing and hearing two teammates tear their ACLs at Sectionals and Regionals.