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#14 Quinn Kennett

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180 lbs
Nicknames: Chucky, The King of ECE, Homeslice, BFG, Susan
Roshambo: Think twice before using Roshambo to make life-threatening decisions
Quote: "Chug chug, water jug!"
Years with Mischief: 2005, 2007-present
Growing up, Quinn Kennett never really fit in. He quickly became a troubled youth and was in Juve for many of his teenage years, only being released because he showed promise as a student. Quinn headed to UCSD where he finally fell in with the right crowd and met future teammate Kevin Smith. Their love blossomed, but Quinn didn't fully understand Kevin's lessons of peace and acceptance. Although Quinn followed Kevin onto the ultimate field where he put down the shiv and picked up the disc, he also got confused and joined the church of Scientology. He quickly abandoned his given name for something more in line with his movie star religion and became "Chucky".

Chucky is returning to Mischief, and having newly graduated from UCSD is still one of the youngest players. But don't let the baby fat and acne fool you, this 2007 Southwest All-Region player will make YOU feel like the inexperienced virgin when he point blocks you or throws a goal (on the UV Clip of the Day), all while wearing a pink head band. When he's not playing with Mischief, you can find Chucky throwing out such priceless gems as: "Kyle, we're having sex tonight, I don't care what you say". But ladies, don't let his ambiguous sexual orientation fool you, he's at least 50% into you. This year he got a "Minor In Possession" while trying to get 18 year old girls he met on the street drunk enough to give him digits. Watch out for Chucky on the field and at the party. He's the kind of player that has no problem poaching onto a man or a woman when least expected.

Above photo courtesy of Bil Elsinger.

Also noted: When not on the Ultimate field, Chucky can be seen closing games for the Boston Red Sox.

Disclaimer: The above description is (almost) entirely fictional and should not be used to judge Mr. Kennett's character or professionalism. Mr. Kennett was in no way involved in the conception, writing, or execution of this (mostly fictional) content.