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#16 Crystal Cook

Height: 66.5"
Porno name: Cleo Canon
Quote: "I love you! We'll get married and have multi-colored hat babies together!"
Favorite tourney food: Usually I just forget to eat
Years with Mischief: 2006-2008
Crystal first became a household name on the national stage not on the Ultimate field, but as a child pageant star. Famous for her tap dancing /spinning plates routine, she made the rounds of the International circuit, twice finishing as a second runner up before finally winning the crown at the International Prince & Princess Pageant. Sadly she was stripped of her crown after being implicated in a hair product doping scandal. Later she was proved innocent of all charges, but Crystal had already vowed never to return to the stage again.

At Stanford, Crystal found an outlet for her innate abilities as a member of the women's ultimate team, Superfly. She wowed teammates and opponents with her fancy footwork on the field, and has been know to, on occasion, bust out her old moves on the dance floor as well. Crystal has taken her mastery of spinning objects to new levels with hucks that defy the laws of physics (at least that's what them smart kids at Stanford say). This year Crystal brings her skills to Mischief in hopes of completing the elusive Child Star, College Champion, Club Champion trifecta. Oh, and she can do some real damage to a bottle of wine... and vice versa. Just sayin'.

Worst Injury: I got a concussion once in a bike accident. The bike accident was with myself.