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#12 Dan Olstein

Height: 3.94 cubits
Nickname: DanO
Favorite tourney food: Tabasco pickles
Years with Mischief: 2006-2010
Dan O started his ultimate career back before there was such a thing as a Callahan. That's a long time ago for those of you who don't speak frisbee, and for those of you who do speak frisbee and were around before there was a callahan, then you too have been playing for a long time. Beginning on the frozen tundra that is providence Rhode island (pretty much everything is a frozen tundra when you compare it to Mischief's hometown) He hardened his will, his hands, and his soul. Soon he graduated from Brownian motion and feeling like he had won ultimate, he moved on to a new sport, an ancient sport, rugby. Then he got hurt a lot, lost a few teeth, an arm, and the better part of his left kidney. As he walked from the field carrying his left arm in his right hand and the above mentioned kidney pieces and teeth in his token hat, he had an epiphany....Rugby sucks....and ultimate rocks. He then realized that he had only won college ultimate and had yet to conquer club ultimate. Soon after, he began playing for ring of fire, realizing there were not enough women to keep him properly entertained during practices, he moved to a co-ed team B+ to better satisfy his needs. Unfortunately, these women were not good enough for Dan either, he decided his only option would be to move across the country to San Fransico where the women are promiscuous and plentiful. (oh ya its also not a frozen tundra) Anyway he then went to Mischief tryouts, where, in a huck drill, this high school chump saw what he perceived to be an old guy who he could burn. Tyler shouted go, and the high school kid promptly got burned, out read, skied, and humiliated. As Dan O touched the ground he shouted "NUTS OVER HEAD" and was well on his way to making the team. Now he is the team's best defensive handler, frequently laying out for huge D's and teaching the high school kids how not to get tooled.

Worst Injury: Broke my nose and got 3 teeth busted in two separate incidents involving a teammate during my 6 month career as a rugby player. Moral of the story: Don't Play Rugby!