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#3 Chris Doyle

Height: 5'10"
Nicknames: Doyle
Years with Mischief: 2003-present

The youngest boy in a family of fourteen girls (and one hermaphrodite), Chris spent his formative years learning to cliff dive. He retired in 1997 as the #6 ranked diver on the highly competitive Acapulco circuit, citing a lack of motivation and overly tight Speedos as his main reasons for giving up the sport he loved. He enjoys kanji crosswords and his favorite color is puce.
On Chris Doyle:
"Chris could probably flip out and destroy Voldemort without even thinking twice about it. And then I'd be out of a bloody job." --Harry Potter
"Yeah, speaking of stealing people's jobs, I haven't made any movies lately because Doyle's in such high demand. Thanks a lot, dude." --Ron Jeremy
"Finahlee sumbahdee breeng sum onah too da fahmahlee!" --an asian
"Jaze! Feck sake, thas a rake o' bollix! Doyle's not onnuh yous! 'Ees onnuh me lads!" --an irish man
"Doyle made me cry." --Baby Jesus
"Doyle makes me cry all the time." --anyone who Doyle has ever heckled...or outrun...or outplayed
"Chris Doyle scares the real ultimate power out of me." --a ninja

photos: Shirley Wu