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#8 Drew Kim

Position: Cutter
Years with Mischief: 2011

Fact: Andrew Kim possesses more flair than you. By far. The only member of Mischief who can rock a flat brim cap (with sticker still attached of course), this international man of mystery claims to be from a small town in the Yay, but his extraordinary fashion sense, dancing skills and athletic prowess hint at a former life spent in the limelight.
Drew spent his formative years in Korea, breakdancing and karaoking in the schoolyard. At the tender age of six he was discovered by a K-pop producer and the next ten years were a whirlwind of concerts, adoring fans and Hello Kitty. A recent retrospective on MTV Korea described Drew as "a combination of Usher, Rain, and Justin Bieber, only more talented and not douchey." Tragically, after a very public blow-up between his parents and his money-grubbing manager, Drew's pop stardom was cut short. Seeking refuge from the increasingly aggressive paparazzi, teenage Drew decided to call it quits and move to the States.

Drew's relative anonymity in America allowed him to pick up a new hobby in high school—basketball. His b-boy experience translated to extremely fluid, agile, and creative moves on the court. Although Drew tried to avoid getting noticed, his arsenal of one-of-a-kind maneuvers (notably the "Double Drop-Step Crossover of Doom" and the "Can I Get a What What No-Look Fadeaway Jumper") inevitably made waves, as did his eclectic choices in apparel and gear.

After many years wrecking fools at the And1 Mixtape Tour and serving as a style consultant for Adidas, the paparazzi started hounding Drew once again. While looking for a new way to stay out of the spotlight, he discovered the most alternative sport he could find and luckily for Mischief, he decided to stick with it.

Fact: Drew is one of Mischief's fastest "rabbits," fiercest defenders and most acrobatic receivers. He will box you out before you even realize what's happening.
Bonus fact: We have developed a serious appreciation for deep V-necks, stunner shades and cool sneakers.
Tertiary bonus fact: Drew expresses his current mood by placing his hat at varying rotations and tilts on his head. Take a look at some of the pictures and try and guess for yourself!