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#10 Emily Gauthier

Height: 5'10"
Nicknames: Chief
Years with Mischief: 2005-2009
Emily has always been an athlete. Just ask her mom, she'll tell you that even before she was born people would say, "I feel her kicking! She's a soccer player! Yes she is!" I don't know about you, but I happen to remember the last unborn child to have as many fullfilled prophecies about him, and that Jew was pretty special. Too bad she's not Jewish.

As a goalie throughout her high school career, she got used to laying out for flying objects. Not until 5 years ago did she realize that she was diving at the wrong object. But, alas she came to her senses when she found BLU, the amazingly amazing UCLA women's team. She then brought her experience to UCSD in her 5th year of college ultimate.

But what would Mischief be without their Chief? This year Emily returns to Mischief, adding to the spectacular women's roster. She brings her "no fear" attitude on D and speed and height on O. Watch out!