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# Chris Farina

Years with Mischief: 2011-

Christopher Farina was not born, he was made. As in created by a top-secret government super soldier project.

The slick new "Captain America" blockbuster film produced by Marvel Comics could only be promoted after the associated files were declassified and the overall plot had been sufficiently diluted for public consumption. Nevertheless, conspiracy theorists who dig deep into the original manuscripts will find that "Captain America" is based on a true story about the only two members of the super soldier project who successfully completed training. Their names are Christopher Farina and Peter Washington.

After several decades battling Nazism, neo-Nazism, technocratic fascism, Communism, anarchism and terrorism (both international and domestic), both Farina and Peter were too burned out to soldier on and left the military to pursue their personal, more peaceful dreams. Armed with degrees from Middlebury and Keene State, Farina began training up-and-coming mutant youths in the art of super soldiery—without subjecting them to the water boarding and isolation that he'd experienced at the hands of the military.

Farina's most ambitious project to raise money and awareness for his underprivileged students was a sponsored hike along the 273-mile Vermont Long Trail. He and Christine, his betrothed, decided to complete the entire trail in 3 days. Unfortunately, The Man, concerned Farina would gather a group of rebellious children to rise against Him, modified the weather to alternate between hail the size of basketballs and torrents of rain so thick it blocked the sun. After 13 days of fighting through the rocky, swampy mess, Farina finally realized he had to leave the East Coast for good. He currently teaches students at Palo Alto High School the ways of the force, which kind of makes Nick Weiss want to go back to high school more than ever.

Now that Farina is reunited with his fellow super soldier and doppelganger, Peter Washington, it is clear that the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. With both Farina and Pete on the field at the same time, there is literally no stopping Mischief's path to victory.