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#26 Andy Fisher

Nicknames: "FISHER!"
Years with Mischief: 2009-present
Ah Andy, lets get started at the beginning:

Doctor: "Push! Push!"
Mom Fisher: "Yaaaarg!"
Doctor: "It's a boy!"
Andy: "LET'S GO!"
Doctor: "What the fuck?! *snips cord*
Mom Fisher: *faints*

Andy always comes out of the gates hard. He may not be as loud as Doyle with a megaphone, but unique syncopated motivational speeches get us fired up and make female dogs swoon. Andy barked his way through his childhood and finally hit puberty. He quickly learned the way to a woman's heart.

Andy, wearing a sleeveless t-shirt: "HEY YOU!"
Hotness: "Uh... hey, why are you shouting?"
Andy, flexing: "HAVE YOU SEEN MY GUNS? LET'S GO!"
Hotness: "Wow, it takes a confident man to show off his lack of muscle like that. Here's my number."

Andy continued leaving a trail of destruction and broken hearts through his college career at Dartmouth. Quickly becoming the loudest Ultimate player in town, a few Condors players heard him barking all the way from Santa Barbara and thought "Hmm... his yelling is a bit too positive, but we can work with that" and immediately drafted him on to the team.

Mischief has benefited from Andy's recent move to the bay area. His mascot like face, hard defense, and unstoppable breaks consistently leave his opponents stymied.