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#13 Andi Coleman

Height: 5'7"
Nicknames: Gizmo
Random Fact: is actually a koala Years with Mischief: 2008-present

Gizmo was born into your typical American family. Growing up, she had one sibling, a dog, and lived in a house. She enjoyed seeing movies with friends, and "hanging out". In college, she studied hard, but not too hard. She went out with friends, but didn't get too crazy. In fact, Gizmo's life outside of Ultimate is completely normal.
What isn't normal about Gizmo is her freakish ability on the Ultimate field. Gizmo is one of Mischief's most devastating upfield cutters. If you're covering her, you'll start to think she keeps getting lucky to be in the right place at the right time. She's not. In fact, she has terrible luck. One time, she stopped to help someone change a tire on the highway and a drunk driver crashed into her parked car while her hamster had a heart attack at home. She is also 0 / 43 (lifetime) in pre-game disc flips. She's just smarter than you. She will get open on you. She will sky you. She will D you. She will throw goals around you. Your only comfort is that she'll probably do it to your teammate as well.