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# Andrew Hagen

Nicknames: Hagen, Hagina
Years with Mischief:2009, 2011

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a... mop? Don't let his slight build, completely non-aerodynamic afro, and the fact he is still in puberty throw you off -- Hagen is built for ultimate. His arrow-like physique slices through the air. His lovely locks add significantly to his chump factor. The fact that he's still a raging pile of hormones and acne just means he's still growing. Everyone has seen his sick layout Ds and hilarious posterizing hops, but who knows the real Hagen?
Now, I know what you're thinking. Hagen is probably some sick crossover athlete from basketball or track. Oddly, Hagen never did anything athletic until he picked up a disc last year. He filled most of his high school and college days playing World of Warcraft. Here is a video his brother took of him a few years ago. You'll notice from his pale skin and hair that he never really got outside. During his sophomore year in college, his roommate got concerned when the World of Warcraft expansion came out. Hagen lost 20 lbs in his effort to become the first player to reach level 80, but became so pale and reclusive that he earned the nickname "Albino Beaver." His RA and roommate dragged him into the sun and forced him to throw a disc around. Hagen immediately impressed the passing Cal Ultimate captain when he escaped by jumping straight into his third story window.

Luckily for Hagen and unluckily for his opponents, soon after that day, he was banned for his Asian Warcraft gold-selling bots. Suddenly bestowed with an extra 80 hours of free time per week, Hagen dedicated himself completely toUultimate, the last thing he remembered of the normal world. Ultimate has not been the same since.