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#22 Hannah Buoye

Height:5 foot awesome
Nicknames: Squirt, "H"
Years with Mischief: 2008
From an early age, Hannah knew she was not like the other kids. When her playmates were learning to crawl, she was running five-minute miles. In preschool while kids were fiddling around with felt boards, Hannah was solving crossword puzzles. When she began her lacrosse career in elementary school her rivals threatened to smear her reputation with a witch-hunt steroids investigation if she didn't carry a teammate on her back while playing. Undaunted by their jealousy, Hannah breezed through high school and picked up Ultimate at UC-Santa Cruz. At her first practice, birds burst into song every time she touched the disc.

Off the field, in order to disguise her actual goal of competing versus Iron Chef Alaska, she chose to major in Literature and Environmental Studies. After college, she grew sick of catering to the hatering and began baking with a passion. It is rumored that the movie "Ratatouille" is loosely based on her experiences at a bakery (the writers were psychic).

Now a member of Mischief, Hannah showcases 5 feet of height, a pinch of wristband, 3 pounds of crisp throws, 100 miles per hour of speed, 15 points of defense, and two metric tons of heart. This phenomenal player is coming to an Ultimate field near you. Be warned -- although she prefers baking in the kitchen, she isn't afraid to butcher an opponent on the field.