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#39 Heather Wolnick

Height: 5'4"
Years with Mischief:2007, 2009
Once upon a time, Casper the friendly ghost was at the bar and getting REALLY drunk. He had just had his show cancelled and was hitting the bottle hard. There was a ton of ghost discrimination at that time and he really wasn't sure what to do. That was until Peggy Fleming walked into the bar. Like an angel from a dream, Casper sauntered up, started talking to her, and the rest was history.

A few years later their child, Heather was born. This pasty white, silky smooth figure skater quickly began breaking hearts and records all through high school. After winning every possible medal she suffered a tragic career ending injury when a jealous Tonya Harding attacked her knee with a mace and baseball bat.

Seeking to escape the cutthroat world of competitive figure skating, she found Ultimate Frisbee. She quickly began dominating frisbee fields the same way she had dominated the ice. After a few brushes with the law that left the Penn State team suspended for two years, she made her way to California and began pursuing her law career so that she could clear her record. Now a well versed legal scholar, she'll school you on the field and sue you off it. She may be 39 on the field, but she is #1 in our hearts.