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#44 Heidi Smith

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 255.8 lbs*
Position: Offensive cutter
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Favorite grizzly: Grizzly turtle
2nd favorite grizzly: Grizzly beaver (they have such huge ferocious teeth, eh!)
Favorite tournament food: salt & vinegar chips
Quote: "I can get *that* whenever I want."
Years with Mischief: 2004-2006
Heidi brings female wiles to the Smith moniker. She has proven very useful in determining that (a) not all Smiths are tall, and (b) all Smiths play with determination and are fierce competitors. She is a tireless cutter on offense, making huge gains with her quick continuation cuts. She's not known for getting lots of flashy layout blocks on defense, but only after the point is over do you realize that her woman never touched the disc. Lately she's been seen working on adding a thumber to her arsenal of throws, though apparently it's still a work in progess. Sometimes Heidi puts artwork on the back of her jersey. When asked why she coolly responds, "All my opponent sees is the back of my jersey as she chases after me. I'm trying to make that as pleasant an experience as possible."

* Allegedly the only time Heidi was weighed was on her one trip to Jupiter as a space monkey stand-in. The monkey aparently got "sick" two days before launch, though there are suspicions of foul play involving poisoned grubs, but that's another story... On the trip, Heidi was the subject of numerous experiments, mostly involving weight. To this day, the only surviving numbers are 0 lbs. and 255.8 lbs. There was no record of what these numbers correspond to, so after flipping a coin her official weight was determined to be 255.8 lbs.