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#20 Kari DeLeeuw

Height: 5'8"
Worst injury: the Leventhal knows Years with Mischief: 2009, 2011

Enjoys chocolate, rehab, dirty girl scouts, and red wine.
I know what you're thinking. Can it possibly be true? Is that really how you spell her last name? We're still in shock. Like, if you were playing scrabble and drew "EEEEUDL" from the bag, you'd basically just vomit and possibly hurt yourself. But on the Ultimate field, you're only a "W" away from awesome. Kari joined Mischief and quickly became one of the best teammates anyone could ask for. Despite a horrific injury shortly after the season began, she showed up to every Mischief event and even offered to help drive teammates around a few days after her surgery. I think her exact drugged up words were "Hmaefpean allperk rouge" but we all knew she was offering to take us to SFO at 6 AM.
When Kari isn't being the best teammate ever, she can be found mainlining horse tranquilizers and dreaming about riding on fantastical flying unicorns. No seriously, she has a wicked drug problem. At least we assume so because she sure won't share any of her vet drugs with us.

Mischief nation is psyched that after only a few short months she's putting down the clipboard and bringing her pinpoint throws, nasty hand blocks, and veteran experience back onto the field!