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# Karen "KB" Brimacombe

Position: Cutter
Years with Mischief: 2011-present

Karen "KB" Brimacombe is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Little do you know her winsome smile and upbeat personality hide a troubled past.

As a professional surfer, Karen hung ten with the best and wiped the floor with the rest, winning Mavericks and Jaws for 5 consecutive years.
In her 6th year of competition, her jealous rivals conspired with a group of tiger sharks to attack and drown her while she was performing her patented triple flip hand stand. Almost everything went according to their plan: KB's board was destroyed, she received numerous shark wounds and was floating 5 miles from shore. Unfortunately for her would-be assassins, KB was mentally prepared for just such a situation. She swam back to shore, limped to her house and sewed up her shark bites with just a ball of yarn and crochet needles.

In order to escape her attackers, Karen changed her name to "KB" and left her native tropical paradise (Maui) for pouring rain (Seattle), knowing no surfer would ever go there. Once in Seattle, she set her sights on recovery and revenge. In order to keep a low profile, she began training in unconventional sports such as curling, smashball, and the lost martial art of Bando. During a Bando wilderness training she observed a feral cat jump from a tree to catch an eagle and then fend off its kill from three rabid wild dogs, an angry grizzly bear and two ferocious hyenas. Although successful in protecting its catch, the cat broke two of its legs. After the cat showed so much heart, KB decided to adopt it and pattern her Bando fighting after some of the insane Matrix-style defensive moves she saw that day. She also decided that such a fearsome cat deserved a fearsome moniker, so she named the female cat ... "Rick". Maybe after Rick Astley?

In an effort to treat all the injuries Rick sustained, KB took her to renowned veterinarian Kari Deleeuw. Kari put splints on Rick's legs and before long Rick was better than ever. Kari and KB became fast friends. As soon as she heard about KB's fondness for alternative sports Kari recruited her for Riot, Seattle's elite women's Ultimate Frisbee team.

This year KB reunited with Kari on Mischief to be our designated blur: Too fast. Too furious.