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#99 Keith Randall

Nicknames: Dr. Smut
Years with Mischief:2003-2006
Keith is one of a set of quintuplets born to a young couple in middle America. He grew up on Waffle House, Weinershnitzle & Budweiser. His young life as a quintuplet resulted in a fetish for orgies with other twins - preferably female, but he takes what he can get. It was hard to find twins w/the same sexual tendencies - so he couldn't be too picky. Despite his love of smut, he was able to save enough of his brain to do well in computer science (ahhh internet porn) and get into MIT - where he liked it soooo much that he stayed for his PhD. He eventually escaped the aura of MIT, and moved to the Bay Area to find some women that could fulfill his bizarre needs. Dr. Smut then joined the foreign legion for a few years before realizing that working at Google would be more profitable and enable him to create a Frisbee Free Love Commune in the Los Altos Hills. Lucky for him, he found Katie, a kind, patient, and understanding woman who shared his fetishes. She has since become Mrs. Smut and they are now creating little Smuts.

His lifetime ambition is to write the Holy Trifecta of Smut Cheer Writing where Brokaw whimpers, Bea blushes and the other team is so aroused an inter team orgy commences.

Keith began his illustrious ulty career as a young chap at MIT, where he learned what it means to drink an entire disc's worth of beer. Once he moved to the Bay Area, he played with Special K & PIMP before joining Mischief. In 2005, Keith rallied back from yet another round of knee surgery just in time for Regionals.