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#47 Kitt Hodsden

Height: 1 (in the appropriate unit of Kitt)
Weight: 1.1 (in the appropriate unit of Shwu)
Zodiac Sign: Rooster
Favorite tournament food: Peanut M&Ms
Quote: You can't play not to lose, you have to play to win." - Kris, c. 1998
Years with Mischief: 2003-2009
After earning two doctorates in nuclear physics and animal husbandry, Kitt experienced the rare but well-documented phenomena of delayed-onset teenage rebellion. She traded her lab coat for leather and toured the country for forty-three months as a member of the Hell's Angels. Now married, she refuses to talk about her experiences, preferring to focus on her new hobby, competitive gardening.

Worst injury: Four broken ribs from being landed on by a teammate at practice, two weeks before sectionals, two years ago.