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#33 Kyle Smith

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 167 lbs
Nicknames: Hideous
Position: Handler, cutter
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Favorite grizzly: Grizzly butt
Favorite tournament food: Malt flavored Powerbars
Mom's favorite food: bitter zucchini
Worst injury: Stabbing himself in the thumb while trying to eat the meat from a coconut
Years with Mischief: 2003-present
On the field Kyle has quite a presence. But, as one of the infamous Smith brothers, could it be any other way? If you are looking for Kyle out on the fields, don't take his nickname literally, he is really quite lovely, dashing in fact. You may recognize him from his numerous picture perfect lay outs (both on D and O), ridiculous* hammers, and towering skies. If you are really lucky you may even witness his righty no look throws, which come out of nowhere and although just as surprising to the receiver as anyone watching on the sidelines, still manage to be completed about 90% of the time.

Off the field Kyle might be found chuggin' along in his 1987 Peugeot, planning his trip to Mars, or gallivanting with his sweetheart. Yes, unfortunately for all you ladies out there, this Smith brother, though quite a catch being both considered by the team the most marriage worthy of the three and completely fluent in one of the romance languages, is taken. Though currently an aerospace engineer, he dreams of one day becoming a human cheese connoisseur.

* note: the word ridiculous can be taken in two different contexts, outrageous and absurd both of which apply but the latter seems to be more prominent.

Photos: C. Doyle, P. Hard, Bil Elsinger