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# Lyndsay Holley

Height: 5'4"
Position: Defensive cutter
Years with Mischief: 2006-2008

Heralded as the "Maria Sharapova of Ultimate", Lyndsay's sex appeal on the field is only surpassed by her Frisbee play, intelligence, generosity towards others and her day job as a CIA operative. That's right folks, no Kournikova here... Lyndsay's the real deal.
Playing for Stanford Superfly, Lyndsay honed her ulti skills allowing her (despite numerous dislocated shoulder "incidents") to become the killer mark she is today. Miss Hollapova will hand block your ass or stall you down (or both, if you're lucky) before striking down the field for a score... and she'll do all of it before you can say, "damn that Russian/US CIA operative is hot!".

Don't let her awesome D fool you though. Once Lyndsay gets the disc in her hands, she is not afraid to act the handler and pipe it down field for a score over the head of some naive guy defender trying to take away "ins"... stupid guy defender who doesn't know better.

And boys, if you're even thinking of getting this girl's digits... get in line and bring something to read, cause you'll be there for a long, long, time. Lyndsay deserves and earns only the best.