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photo: Shirley Wu
#42 Mark Smith

Weight: 165
Nicknames: Machine, Richie
Position: Utility
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Roshambo: Bureaucrat
Favorite tournament food: Ibuprofen
Quote: "I've got some Vagisil in my bag if you need it."
Worst injury: Separated shoulder
Years with Mischief: 2003-present
Mark Smith has been a leader of Mischief in spirit, craziness, injuries, turnovers, and scores ever since the team started. How can one man hurt himself so many times and continue to play? His back, shoulder, ankle...I'm sure there's more. And they are usually doing something silly like D-ing up his teammate in the endzone or laying out in duck, duck, goose. Regardless, Mark continues to amaze spectators, make defenders look foolish, and throw awesome thumbers. What would Mischief be like without Mark? We would have less heart (due to not ripping out trees, poison oak, and foundations at his house). We would have fewer D's. We would see fewer breasts. We would have to make someone else cover Pat Hard. We wouldn't have someone to rely on to lead us to the promised land...and we would be much less dynamic.

From other sources: Known for his stunning lines and swaying hips, Mark is the most widely recognized male hooded-parka model in the civilized world. He has been spotted in the pages of several magazines and graced runways from Minneapolis to Reykjavik, all while maintaining an aw-shucks down-home demeanor that earned him the Rotary Club's 2003 "Most Approachable Supermodel" award and the admiration of dozens. In his spare time, Mark enjoys putting up drywall, hanging laundry, and tiddly-winks.

Bottom photo courtesy of Bil Elsinger.