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#21 Melinda Lee

Height: 5'4"
Position: Handler
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Years with Mischief: 2010
Melinda Lee was once challenged to live off the land for a month. Within a few days she had built a three-story house out of sustainable materials, stocked the house with booze and food, and sent invitations to her legions of friends about a housewarming party. When her guests arrived, Mel was dancing to '80s mashups in a neon pink bikini and holding two spatulas in each hand, happily flipping both omelettes and pancakes.

Mel truly redefines "work hard, play hard" one day at a time. Nowhere is this more evident than the ultimate frisbee field, where she dominates (but always with flair) and destroys (but always with a smile). In preparation for college at Cornell, Mel spent a year living in the Himalayas with some hard-partying monks and sherpas. After summiting Everest a few dozen times she decided she was ready to face Upstate New York. Mel attributes her steady hands and stellar coordination to playing squash at Cornell and riding elks across the frozen tundra of Ithaca.

Mischief is proud to call Mel one of our own, not just because she's a lefty with devastating throws (though you betcha that's one of the reasons) but also because she once participated in a gorilla race dressed in a gorilla suit and her signature pink bikini -- "Gorillas Gone Wild." That girl sure knows how to live.