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#18 Nick Weiss

Height: 5'10"
Years with Mischief: 2008-present
Worst injury: mental scar from being attacked by a herd of sheep
Nick is such a natural athlete that he spends his time training others. While his clients receive expert attention, they may not know that his fitness prowess stems entirely from an extreme fear of sheep. Yes people, sheep. Trapped in a red telephone booth in Wales, Nick watched, horrified, as a herd of sheep gathered around the booth and stared at him sheepishly. Fleeing from his nemesis, a three-legged, one-eyed green and gangrenous sheep, Nick left the land of tea, scones and funny accents for the States. Occidental College in sunny SoCal suited Nick's laid-back nature and his love of raspberry avocado lip butter and he soon converted his skills as a wide receiver in a little-known sport called "the football" to a more widely-respected and well-paying sport called "ultimate frisbee." While legions are blinded by Nick's crazy hops, speed and steady hands, many may be unaware of Nick's most uncanny talent -- finding bouncy balls wherever he treads. Once he even found a camouflage bouncy ball in a forest! Seriously folks, he's got mad skillz. Beware opponents, be you "the football" or ulti players or bouncy balls....your day is done