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#83 David Pickett

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145
Nicknames: THE Pickett
Position: Handler
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Favorite grizzly: Grizzly grizzly
Favorite tournament food: melted trail mix
Flipping strategy: whatever Warren tells him to call
Years with Mischief: 2004-2008
A world-renowned international brew master, David Pickett began practicing his craft at an early age. In college he sold beer made in the basement of his freshman dorm to the student body at Notre Dame, and quickly became a campus celebrity. The administration was less happy with his operation, trying to shut him down multiple times before eventually forcing him into hiding off-campus. To stay ahead of campus cops he assumed a secret identity and became known as simply "The Pickett."

After college The Pickett brought his sweet flick and strange brews to a more accepting environment in the Bay Area and quickly fell in with Mischief, a band of frisbee players who shared his love of Ultimate, kabbadi, and car bombs. Here The Pickett continued to experiment in his garage. Whether hes mixing up a new batch of beer, bootlegging wine, trying to run his car on used cooking oil from the Chinese restaurant down the street, or making EPO with Will, The Pickett always has some Mischief brewing.

Also noted: A fixture on the international clubbing scene, Pickett is world-renowed both for his love of Mexican car bombs and his stature as one of the top competitive full-contact yogis in the world. He once spent a year attempting to bend metal with his mind, the result of which was a twisted crowbar and a throbbing headache. He likes Twinkies.

Worst injury: Dislocated pinky...doesn't that sound lame... a stupid pinky. It was really bent funny after this guy fouled me going up for a disc (I forgot to call a foul). It was really cold and I had on gloves so I just popped it back into place and kept playing. Later it hurt a lot, and my knuckle is still fatter and doesn't straighten all the way.