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#23 Sally Mimms

Height: 5'8"
Years with Mischief: 2011-

Sally Mimms is no stranger to sports heartbreak. After all, she grew up in Chicago, a city that produced the 1919 Black Sox, the Steve Bartman incident, Da post-Ditka Bears and a weeping Jay Cutler.

Allergic to losing and bent on finding greatness, Sally mastered ventriloquism and became Michael Jordan's personal coach and Zen master, using a lanky dummy named "Phil Jackson" as her puppet. This remains the best-kept secret in sports today. I mean, until we spoiled it just now.

Anyway, Sally taught MJ everything he knows, but kept the most devastating moves to herself. After #23* retired** she invented an elite strength and conditioning program called CrossFit in order to break out of Jordan's shadow and provide Chicago with a new icon***.

While much of the lore from Sally's formative frisbee years has been lost in the frozen wasteland known as Chicago (and another tundra-like place called Tufts), what we do know is that Lori "Awesometown" Eich first convinced Sally to play with Mischief at Leiout in January of 2008. Little did we know that magical Santa Monica weekend would spark an unprecedented 4-year recruiting effort to bring Sally to Mischief.

After much pushing, prodding, bribing and boosting we finally succeeded in signing the mysterious Mimms. Mischief, ultimate frisbee, San Francisco and the California legal system will never be the same again.

*An interesting footnote: Michael Jordan picked #23 to emulate Sally, his super-secret basketball trainer. The origins of Sally's attachment to the number 23 are unknown. It is said 23 is the number of toddlers she could take down at a time using only a biscotti as both bait and a weapon. But people say a lot of things.

**the second time

*** Yo Kanye, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but Sally is one of the best Chicagoans of all time!