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#20 Sam Law

Position: Cutter
Zodiac Sign:

Sam Law is like, the ultimate Stanford sorority girl. She's smart, pretty and looooves to party. But OMG YOU GUYS, you don't know fun, hilarious and incredible until you meet SUPER SAM, her Ultimate Frisbee alter ego. After a quick trip to any color-coordinated phone booth, SUPER SAM emerges -- besequined and becaped -- ready to tackle any situation. Down 14-10 game to 15? SUPER SAM IS HERE. Need someone to fall on a Smirnoff Ice grenade? SUPER SAM IS HERE.
Somehow we managed to corner the woman, the myth, the legend, SUPER SAM for a few questions.

Us Weekly: I think like, the burning question on everyone's mind is: where do you get your powers?
SUPERSAM: Well, I was reading your December issue about vajazzling and I decided I had to...well you know, get some new bling...
Us Weekly: And nothing has been the same since.
SUPERSAM: Totes not getting into the deets right now. SO INAPPROP.
Us Weekly: My editor tells me I have to ask about that game you play with the dogs.
SUPERSAM: LOL Ultimate? It's not with dogs. WTF. Don't make me vom. BTdubs, it's a sport. Fo realz. Mischief is practically profesh.
Us Weekly: Ah yes. It says here you're one of Mischief's best deep threats. Like Ochocinco right?
SUPERSAM: Child, please.
Us Weekly: But while you may like going deep during frisbee games, I hear that your kryptonite, so to speak, is shallow rivers. You had an accident there recently?
SUPERSAM: Whatevs, I'm totes fine now. At the time I just didn't realize Superlame was SO not the right game for shallow waters. FML. It was supes trag.
Us Weekly: How do you respond to rumors that your last spin-the-bottle experience ended with you setting a new make-out record?
SUPERSAM: Obvi I don't do it to set records. That would be ridic. Don't hate the player, hate the lame.
Us Weekly: Don't you mean game?
SUPERSAM: No I hate the lame. Superlame. OMG you're not listening. Hold on (SUPERSAM receives txt message and is furiously responding) I've totes gotta peace. My bestie Danielle Platt is getting kicked out of a club.
Us Weekly: Well, guess that wraps up our inteview.
SUPERSAM: About time. This has been atroshe. Kthnxbai, ttyl.
Us Weekly: K, if anyone needs help deciphering this exchange you can go to: http://www.totesobvi.com/abbrev-gloss.