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#15 Jen Schmerling

Nicknames: Schmer
Position: Cutter
Zodiac Sign:
Jen "Nikita" Schmerling is easily the most attractive female on Mischief. She is also the most likely to knife you.

Growing up in rural Colombia, Jen was forced at an early age to learn to defend herself. By the time she was 13, she had been kidnapped by the FARC at least three times. After her third escape, the Fuerzas Armadas decided that she was not worth the trouble. Although a valuable prisoner who would command a handsome ransom, the expense of detaining her, in terms of personnel lost, was too high to justify her third recapture. She became notorious for her makeshift weaponry, escaping on three separate occasions using socks filled with pennies, trained snakes, and (in perhaps her most brazen escape) a razor-edged frisbee. It was her final escape that inspired much of the weaponry used in "Hard Ticket to Hawaii".

Jen's uncontested position atop the makeshift-weaponry world garnered Stanford University's interest, and she was recruited to the School of Engineering studying mechanical engineering. However, although Jen was taken out of the jungle, the jungle is most assuredly still in Jen. She now she combines her creative martial genius with the world's best fabrication equipment. She has developed techniques that allow for the production of knives so sharp that the person being knived doesn't even feel the blade, and only realizes a short time later that they have been stabbed. This can explain why after covering Jen for a point, her defender is often seen bent over with her hands on her knees gasping for breath.

Mischief is lucky to have Jen on their side of the disc, and the competition is warned: Jen will cut a bitch.