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# Shaun Webb

Height: 5'11" (in cleats)
Weight: 12.1 stone
Position: Handler
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Years with Mischief: 2007
Favorite quote: "No worries!"
Born in Austin Texas to a family of Emu farmers, Shaun often dreamed about what lay beyond the electrified fences and feces covered fields. Although he loved his family and farm life a great deal, Shaun knew that he had to spread his wings and see the world. After watching every 007 movie available, he realized that the key to success was a British accent.

Honing his skills in Texas, where pretty much anything passes as a British accent, Shaun hit his groove as a door-to-door salesman selling plots of land on the moon. He sold acre after acre, and eventually found himself in San Francisco. Soon, he was having his way with every fetching young lady who crossed his path (as long as she cost less than $50 or one acre of moon) until he tried to solicit a cop. The uniformed officer was surprised and flattered, but quickly arrested Shaun.

Mischief sent a representative to his trial and negotiated parole in exchange for dedicated help at weekend practices. Join us in praying that he doesn't violate his parole until the season is over.

Shaun according to Shaun: I am a low level super hero, save drunk people with my head aka cushion their falls by sticking a body part in between them and hard surfaces... am usually only slightly less drunk than victim. Like all low level super heroes, I have commitment issues, hence being low level... I like mayonnaise on most things.