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#11 Steffi Wu

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 lbs
Nicknames: Gozer, Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, Colt
Position: Defensive deep
Favorite tournament food: Banana bread
Roshambo: always do rosham eat and always throw what nobody expects
Favorite grizzly: Grizzly Gunther
Years with Mischief: 2004-present
Quote: "That would be cool if you could eat a good food with a bad food and the good food would cover for the bad food when it got to your stomach. Like you could eat a carrot with an onion ring and they would travel down to your stomach, then they would get there, and the carrot would say, "It's cool, he's with me." -Mitch Hedberg
Currently measuring in at 5'6" but still growing, you may recognize our beloved #11 from the "Steffi Gone Wild" series which has earned her international acclaim. Having recently graduated from Yale ("WTF, real world!"), Steffi holds the all-time Mischief record for handblocks. She claims that this bit of mischief is due to her tight bond with the Sta-Puff marshmallow man. "I think it's the unsuspecting grin," says Steffi, who will happily let you think that she is nothing to be feared. Oh... and if you do think that... you'd be wrong.

Worst Injury: Breaking her right hand in a mysterious accident involving inebriation, a fire alarm, snow, anger, and a door.