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#39 Swati Agarwal

Height: small
Weight: small
Position: practice player
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Favorite grizzly: Grizzly monkey
Quote: "Cinder-f*ing-rella!"
Born in Bihar, India, to a family of miners, Swati had an uphill battle from the start. As soon as she could hold a rock-hammer, Swati was sent to the mines. By the age of 8, her right arm was as muscular as the average adult male gorilla's. Swati was exposed to many horrifying injuries in the dangerous mines, and her aptitude for medicine was immediately apparent. During the famous tunnel collapse of 1991, she singlehandedly rescued, revived, and rehabilitated all 202 trapped miners within hours, 191 of which had been declared clinically dead.

Her fame spread like wildfire, and she was recruited heavily by medical schools around the world. She chose Duke, where she won the "Most Sultry Bedside Manner" award yearly. After graduation, she came to Stanford University where she discovered that the kids really loved her gorilla arm and her bedside manner, and she went into pediatrics. One fine day, while practicing discus at the track, some players on Mischief spotted her. For obvious reasons, they knew she must be recruited at any cost. Adam quickly faked an injury and Swati came running. Shafter layed on the charm, and the rest is history. Swati enjoys dancing the Dandia Raas, pickles, the loop of Henle, and watching Gorillas in the Mist.

Worst Injury: Bunting a fast pitch softball right into my face and breaking my nose (it also was quite crooked).

2nd worst injury: re-breaking my nose playing co-ed basketball when a guy elbowed my face.

3rd worst: breaking my friend's nose with the back of my head at a dance club.